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Chicago Weapon Offense Attorney

Defense for Weapon Offenses in Chicago

Illinois weapons laws and regulations specifically delineate what constitute weapons offenses. This is the category of law covering the transport, carrying, possession, manufacture and use or weapons of a deadly nature or their ammunition or silencer parts. Violation of any of these statutes can result in serious penalties and consequences. If a person is arrested and charged with any violation of Illinois weapons laws whether this is a first or subsequent offense, it is imperative to contact a Chicago violent crime defense attorney without waiting. Delay can be very costly.

Weapons Offenses Defense Lawyer in Chicago, Cicero, Berwyn and Evanston Areas

Under the Second Amendment of the Unites States Constitution citizens of America have the right to bear arms. Citizens are, however, subject to regulatory laws regarding the handling, use and manufacture of those arms "Weapons offenses" is a general term for a category of crimes that involve deadly weapons. This is not limited to firearms, knives, bows and arrows or other weapons intended to do harm; but can also include such things as wrenches, clubs, baseball bats, rocks, bricks, fireplace pokers, anything which can actually cause death, including motor vehicles. This distinction is an important factor when brought into a criminal prosecution involving charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Some of the types of weapons offenses that a person can be charged with are:

There are a number of ways a person can be charged with a weapons offense and it is for this reason that consulting a qualified advocate, an experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely vital for anyone charged with such offenses, especially if there are prior related offenses. At the firm of the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege an entire legal team, experienced in every aspect of Illinois weapons law stands ready to pull out all the stops when it comes to building an strong, tough and effective defense for our clients. You will receive the kind of one-on-one attention it takes and an aggressive approach in finding the best possible resolution to your case. Get the practiced, skilled help you need. Call now.

Contact a Chicago weapon offenses attorney from the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege today if you have been arrested and charged with any type of weapons offense in the Chicago, Cicero, Berwyn or Evanston areas.